Vinto Hreeda

Vinto Hreeda

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Vinto Hreeda

Vinto Hreeda, a renowned gunslinger, is known for robbing the wealthy and giving 40% of the loot to the poor, after reasonable expenses. Boltslinger is his signature move, although it has range limitations.

Thread the Needle is another move that makes him an excellent long-range pistol-singling vigilante who, I hear, is reckless!

As for abilities, his starting gear is the Hair-Trigger Pistol which allows him to reroll all dice, although only once per die regardless of how many abilities affect it. Pinpoint Shot and Shot on the Run are not exceptional abilities but are still useful. Pinpoint Shot allows Vinto to deal damage and inflict Weaken while negating a dodge or block. Shot on the Run is worth considering, as it is one of the few ways to increase Vinto’s speed and deals an extra point of damage.

Battlefield Experience and Sharpshooter are abilities that cost 2XP. Battlefield Experience gives a bonus to endurance, but Vinto is not particularly strain-heavy, and Sharpshooter is useful if you have already taken or plan to take Shot on the Run and Rapid Fire.

The abilities that cost 3XP are Dead On and Off-Hand Blaster. Dead On is highly effective, especially when combined with Pinpoint Shot, and Off-Hand Blaster allows Vinto to make three attacks per round.

For 4XP, Vinto can choose from Merciless or Rapid Fire. Rapid Fire is a standout ability, especially when combined with Sharpshooter, and has the highest damage potential of all Vinto’s abilities. Merciless is also quite effective and is a powerful “executioner” ability.

Vinto’s Desperado card has two exhaust abilities. The first provides a +1 surge for every enemy figure within three spaces, while the other exhausts on defending and provides +1 Evade for every hostile target within three spaces. The Combat Coat is a recommended item that converts as many Evades as Vinto likes to blocks, making him almost invincible provided there are enough Imperials around.

For gear recommendations, Vinto needs a reliable weapon that deals damage to trigger Boltslinger, preferably one with Pierce. The DDC Defender is a perfect gun for Vinto, and with Off-Hand Blaster, Dead On, and Boltslinger, he can dish out five irresistible damage per activation. Personal Shields are also useful to tank the hit that Desperado/Combat Coat can’t.

Vinto’s recommended build is Rapid Fire, Dead On, Sharpshooter, and Pinpoint Shot. Shot on the Run is also recommended if you can afford it.

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