Onar Koma Star Wars Imperial Assault

Onar Koma

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Onar Koma Star Wars Imperial Assault

Onar Koma is the most robust character in Imperial Assault with no starting defence die. He relies on his high health pool and healing abilities to sustain damage. Though he can be tricky to use, he excels at drawing enemy attacks, making him the most effective tank character in the game. Onar’s offensive power lies in his unique upgrade card “Don’t Make Me Hurt You,” which allows him to add a red die to his attack.

Building Onar Koma:

The Rule of Three Red Dice: With Onar, you want to find ways to roll at least three red dice when attacking. Red dice can be unpredictable, but if you roll three red dice and get three damage results, you will break through most defence rolls. A weapon with a double red attack pool will allow you to achieve the required three red dice easily. Onar’s Don’t Make Me Hurt You upgrade is the key to his offensive power, and the Mutual Destruction upgrade, which lets you add one damage to your attack by suffering one damage, can increase his damage output further.

End-Game Weapon #1 – Point Blank Cannon Blast: The Hand Cannon, Onar’s upgraded starter weapon, is a good choice for Onar. The Hand Cannon comes with a red-red attack pool, and a mod slot, which allows you to turn surge results into something useful. Adding either the Plasma Cell or the Under-Barrel HH-4 can increase damage output and provide a static bonus. The Plasma Cell gives a static Pierce 1 and surge-for-Damage, while the Under-Barrel HH-4 gives a static Accuracy 1 and surge-for-Blast. Mutual Destruction and Don’t Make Me Hurt You upgrades can help maximize Onar’s damage output.

Black Sun Armor: Since Onar has no defence die, it is essential to equip him with the Black Sun Armor. This armour provides some level of defence and increases his health.

Keep Up: Onar’s low range makes movement essential to close the gap between him and his targets. The Keep Up upgrade provides a free point of movement and helps him stay close to his targets.

Overall, Onar is an excellent tank character with high health and offensive power. His weakness lies in his lack of defence, but with the right upgrades and equipment, he can sustain a lot of damage while dealing significant damage to his enemies.

Onar Koma Deck

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