Verena Talos

Verena Talos

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Verena Talos Star Wars Imperial Assault Hero

Verena Talos has a wide range of abilities that make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

In this guide, we will explore her skills and recommend a new strategy to use in your gameplay.

Verena’s particular talent is Close Quarters, which allows her to defeat an adjacent hostile figure even if it’s not her turn. This means she can take out enemies faster and gain a tactical advantage. Moreover, if the adjacent hostile figure is an AT-ST, she can even shoot its guns, making her an even more dangerous opponent.

Verena’s starting weapons are the Fighting Knife and the Military Blaster, both of which can be sold for 25 credits. The Fighting Knife is particularly lethal, with a best-case scenario of three damage and Pierce 2, which is usually enough to take out a Stormtrooper in one hit.

As Verena gains XP, she can unlock new abilities, such as Combat Momentum, which makes her more mobile and synergizes well with Close Quarters. Another ability, Create Opening, allows her to ignore one hostile figure and attack another, which can be a useful tactic for defeating multiple enemies in a single turn.

Verena can also learn the Ktara Maneuver, which is a free move-and-attack that can push an enemy one space. Student of Battle gives Verena Pierce 2 and a free Recover, but the standout ability is the +5 Accuracy, which is invaluable in battle.

At the 3XP level, Verena can unlock Improvised Cover, which allows her to use cover every time she is attacked, even if the attack misses. She can also snatch the attacker’s weapon and shoot back if the damage kills her cover. Another ability, Point Blank Shot, allows Verena to replace one die in her attack pool with another die at range 1, which can be a powerful option in combat.

At the highest level, Verena can gain access to Combat Mastery, which is similar to Brutality but requires two good weapons. Master Operative allows Verena to use Close Quarters three times in a row without resting or surging off strain, one of which is Focused.

Verena’s special ability, Iron Hand, allows her to recover strain each time she defeats an adjacent hostile figure, making her even more deadly in close combat.

For a new strategy, we recommend focusing on Verena’s Close Quarters ability and pairing it with Combat Momentum and Master Operative to maximize her mobility and damage potential. Improvised Cover is also an excellent choice, as it allows Verena to use cover every time she is attacked and potentially shoot back with the attacker’s weapon. As for gear, we recommend investing in armour to protect Verena while she’s in close combat.

In conclusion, Verena Talos is a unique and formidable character in Star Wars Imperial Assault. By utilizing her abilities effectively, she can be a powerful asset on the battlefield and help turn the tide of the battle in your favour.

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