MHD 19 from Star Wars Imperial Assault


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MHD 19 from Star Wars Imperial Assault

MHD-19 is a medical droid that can be used in Star Wars Imperial Assault to support other characters by healing and giving them focus.

The droid’s main issue is that it cannot use medical cards, except for the artificial stimulants introduced in the Return to Hoth expansion.

This card can ignore up to four strains and can be used at any time, making it a valuable asset in the game.

MHD-19’s starting weapon is the Sidearm Blaster, which is not very useful and should not be replaced or modified. Instead, the focus should be on MHD-19’s abilities, which can be upgraded through experience points.

For a healing-focused build, players should choose the Bacta Injector, Fuel Injection, Miracle Worker, and Bacta Radiator upgrades. The first two upgrades will give MHD-19 more movement, while the latter two upgrades will improve healing and grant additional health recovery options.

For an attacking-focused build, which would be a mistake because there are far better characters to attack with, however, if you choose to build his attacking side you should choose the Improper Procedure, Fuel Injection, Adrenal Vapors, and Combat Override upgrades.

The first upgrade will give MHD-19 an attack option, while the remaining upgrades will improve movement and provide additional damage.

The Systems Upgrade card can also be used, but it is not as useful as the other upgrades. This card can grant an additional 2 health to MHD-19, but it is lost when the card is depleted.

In summary, MHD-19 can be an essential asset to any team in Star Wars Imperial Assault. By choosing the right upgrades, players can maximize the droid’s healing or attacking abilities, making the droid versatile if an asymmetrical member of the team.

Don’t forget to use artificial stimulants to ignore strain and always choose the right moment to use medical cards that affect adjacent allies to keep them alive and protecting you.

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