Gaarkhan Imperial Assault


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Gaarkhan fits my style of play, that is to say aggressive, simple, charge in and just attack sort of play that doesn’t take a great deal of finesse to come out on top.
He is probably the character I least like to play against which makes him the de facto best character to take.

I should always run him with Unstoppable because of the way I storm into every battle without much thought.

This means when he becomes wounded he gets stronger and becomes focused when attacked. I would probably think differently against the app as it won’t give as much thought to attacks on him as a real player would but I often end up picking Brutal Cleave because it can give me a whole other attack.

It’s a hard choice because for 2 strain you can move up to your speed and perform an attack with Unstoppable.
When you play solo you don’t need to have the hard financial conversation with your team, who also all need gear for their builds, but spending your collective credits getting Gaarkhan a decent weapon is almost essential to a team’s ability to win a mission. The BD-1 Vibro-Ax is an excellent choice but you will want the extended haft to add an additional surge.

My prefered build with Gaarkhan then is Wookie Loyalty, Ferocity, Rampage and Brutal Cleave. This makes Gaarkhan an unstoppable beast. This brings me to my last point. You could switch many of these cards with others and Gaarkhan would still be the character that was sent in first. There is not a lot else he is good for but he certainly isn’t cannon fodder. Far from it, playing against him is horrible.

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