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Loku Kanoloa

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Loku Kanoloa Hero Healthy Star Wars

Are you ready to join Loku Kanoloa, the sharpshooter from the Star Wars Imperial Assault? Then let’s dive into his signature move and weapons, as well as new strategies and gear.

Loku’s signature move, “Set Your Sights,” is powered by recon tokens, which provide more than just a +1 damage bonus as Loku advances. His starter weapon, the All-Weather Rifle, has a minimum accuracy of 6, allowing Loku to attack enemies from 11 squares away. That’s impressive!

Regarding recon tokens, two tokens are the maximum that Loku can possess at a given time. The Return to Hoth rulebook states that this supply is limiting for Loku, despite the fact that the RRG specifies that tokens are not limited. However, whenever possible, players can choose to place a recon token either from their supply or by removing a token from any figure on the board, regardless of range or line of sight. This technique can be handy in certain situations, such as when chasing a figure that has moved out of range.

Now, let’s explore Loku’s abilities, which are granted as he accumulates experience points (XP). Among the 1XP abilities, “Combat Spotter” and “Scouting Report,” the former is superior. Combat Spotter is critical because it reduces the Imperial player’s ability to hide their figures behind bodies, making it easier for Loku and his allies to focus on the most significant threat. For 2XP, “Overwatch” and “Spectrum Scanner” are two potent abilities. While Overwatch is an excellent skill, Spectrum Scanner aids players in keeping their recon tokens in play by allowing them to move a token even when it is not their turn.

For 3XP, players can choose between “Scout’s Guidance” and “Study of Enemies.” Scout’s Guidance is pricey, requiring two strain and half of the player’s recon tokens, while Study of Enemies is both a surge and an exhaust. However, Study of Enemies is the better choice because it provides greater benefits. Finally, Loku’s top-level abilities, available for 4XP, are “Coordinated Attack” and “Mon Cala Special Forces.” While both of these skills are useful, the latter takes priority since it aids players in recovering strain.

In terms of Loku’s build, it’s recommended that players choose Combat Spotter, Overwatch, Coordinated Attack, and Mon Cala Special Forces, with a total of 11XP. Loku’s gear can also significantly enhance his abilities. If you can afford it, the DXR-6 is an excellent choice, although it can’t be modified if you’ve chosen Spectrum Scanner. The A280 is another useful weapon, with a +1 accuracy and two upgrade slots. The Disruption Cell is also a solid pick, as it allows the player to inflict massive damage at close range. Finally, if you didn’t choose Spectrum Scanner or have a multi-slot weapon, the Overcharger can be incredibly lethal when combined with Loku’s ability to ignore figures’ line of sight.

With these abilities and gear, Loku Kanoloa, aka Salmon Lips Fishoil, will be an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

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