Ko-Tun Feralo Star Wars Imperial Assault Hero Character Sheet

Ko-Tun Feralo

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Ko-Tun Feralo Star Wars Imperial Assault Hero Character Sheet

Ko-Tun Feralo, I’ll be honest, I thought she was a chap. That out of the way I do not play as Ko-Tun and I am only just playing a campaign with her after playing through the campaign several times so these thoughts are based on very little personal time with her and I relied largely on the thoughts of others. That said she is a useful person to have with you if played non selfishly but who would play games with someone who only thought of themselves?

Ko Tun Feralo is a versatile hero who can be played as a marksman or a skirmisher. She excels at taking down enemy figures with her high damage output and mobility. To play her effectively, it is important to build a deck that emphasizes her strengths and covers her weaknesses.

For her deck, consider cards that increase her accuracy, such as “Precision Strike” and “Concentrate Fire.” Additionally, cards that allow her to move around the board quickly, such as “Fleet Footed” and “Overwatch,” will help her stay in the fight and maintain a high level of mobility.

In terms of her role on the team, Ko Tun Feralo works well as a flanking unit, picking off key enemy figures and clearing out objectives. She also excels at taking down large, high-value targets, making her a valuable asset in any mission. When playing her, it is important to think carefully about positioning and to make use of cover and line of sight to keep her safe while maximizing her damage output.

Overall, with the right deck and strategic play, Ko Tun Feralo can be a devastating force on the battlefield.

Ko-Tun Feralo Deck

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