Saska Teft Star Wars

Saska Teft

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Saska Teft Star Wars

Saska Teft is a supporting character who starts badly but becomes far more effective as you play through the campaign.

Known for her technical expertise and ability to make gadgets out of ordinary weapons.

Her Battle Technician ability allows her to pass “device tokens” (DTs) to adjacent heroes, which can add a Surge result to their results while attacking or allow them to reroll a die while performing an attribute test.

Saska is a good choice for a balanced party as she can help heroes with buffs but in a different way than other support characters.

As an example, Gideon Argus can remove Strain, make heroes focused, or add a Surge result, Diala Passil can focus on other people or give them movement points, and characters like Fenn Signis, not a typical support character, can provide one-time block/evade results.

Saska Teft, on the other hand, can provide a range of benefits to her teammates and give them the flexibility to choose how and when to use the additional tools at their disposal. Her abilities revolve around the creation and deployment of various gadgets, such as droids, traps, and grenades, which can provide a variety of benefits such as damage, healing, movement, or control.

Saska Teft’s 3 XP skills, Gadgeteer and Power Converter are her most powerful upgrades. Gadgeteer allows Saska to use Battle Tactician twice each turn, which means she can help a nearby friend and help herself (or help two friends if feeling generous) without taking action. It also allows her to add an additional mod slot to the weapons she’s using. This includes adding a mod to weapons that have no base mod slots, such as Jyn Odan’s Vintage Blaster or Fenn Signis’s Infantry Rifle. With Power Converter, Saska can change one of their die out for a different colour die, in addition to gaining the free Surge result, by using a DT on the attack.

Saska Teft’s vulnerability is her relatively low Endurance for a support character. While Diala and Gideon have 5 Endurance each, Saska has only 4 Endurance. This makes her run out of steam quickly, and she needs to rest frequently. As a result, it’s best to only plan on attacking once per turn. However, the Remote Distribution upgrade brings Saska up to Endurance 5 and allows her to toss DTs to a figure within 3 spaces, instead of being adjacent to friendly figures.

In terms of weapon builds, Saska can turn any weapon into a great weapon with her Gadgeteer ability. For melee weapons, the Vibro-Knucklers are an upgraded version of the Tier 1 Armored Gauntlets, which Saska can make even better by adding a Balanced Hilt. This allows Saska to hit targets in adjacent spaces and make a second attack as a free action. Saska can also turn ranged weapons into deadly weapons with the use of her DTs. For instance, she can add a Plasma Cell to a Heavy Repeating Blaster, which allows it to surge for Blast 2 and pierce 2. Or she can add a Long Barrel to a Sniper Rifle, which increases the range and allows it to ignore a target’s defence dice.

In conclusion, Saska Teft is a versatile support hero. Her weaknesses include low Endurance which adds to the fact that at the start of the campaign, she is basically useless. With her technical wizardry and ability to turn ordinary weapons into high-powered tools of destruction, Saska can turn a bad weapon good and a good weapon even better. While her low Endurance can make her run out of steam quickly, her Gadgeteer and Power Converter skills more than make up for it.

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