Murne Rin Star Wars

Murne Rin

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Murne Rin Star Wars

Murne Rin is a support-focused hero and her signature ability is False Orders. It is a new concept where you perform an attack on another figure. Here are three key points to remember about this ability:

  1. The target of the ability can attack any non-neutral figure.
  2. If the figure belongs to the opposite team, it counts as both Rebel and Imperial for mission rules during the attack.
  3. Neither figure counts as having performed an attack during this activation.

When using False Orders, you attack with the other figure’s attack pool and use their surge abilities, along with any other rules on the card, such as the Trandoshan Hunter’s Relentless and ACP Scattergun.

Murne’s starting weapon is the Diplomat’s Pistol, which has a unique push feature that opens up tactical choices. However, you will probably want a better weapon before long.

For 1 XP, you can choose between Company of Heroes, which requires a unique ally for deploying, and Sonic Bellow, which has a limited range and figure cost. Sonic Bellow is not an action, though, making it a viable choice.

Rebel Propaganda and Professional Aide are the 2XP options. Rebel Propaganda is restricted to heroes, and it is discarded and not recovered, so you can’t recover health if you get more success than the hero’s strain. However, it’s still quite good, especially if you’re facing Subversive Tactics. Professional Aide is also very good, especially if you have surge-focused allies like Elso or Diala.

For 3 XP, Double Agent is a massive upgrade for False Orders, and you’ll probably get more out of it than Solidarity. Solidarity is still a helpful power bump, but it only fires for heroes, and “perform a move” is different from “moves.” It’s worth noting that it doesn’t exhaust, though, so if you find the right spot, the rest of your party will carry you along.

For 4 XP, Waylay is a fascinating exploration of how timing windows work. It can fire up to twice per activation, once for a hero and once for an ally, as long as there is at least one hostile figure, one hero, and one ally within three spaces. Lead from the Front is better the earlier in the round it plays, and the bonuses are a little underwhelming. It is powerful, but it is 4XP.

Murne’s Special is the Cam Droid. It is a useful tool to manipulate the Imperial player, especially for triggering a powerful melee group while the rest of the Rebels are safely out of range. The flat +1 Dodge also makes it hard to kill, but beware of Blast/Cleave damage.

Murne is a challenging hero to use effectively because she is more support-focused than Gideon and relies on correct positioning.

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