Gideon Argus Imperial Assault Hero

Gideon Argus

68 / 100

Gideon Argus is played for one reason, his Command ability. It will be used in every single round and it’s potentially one of the most powerful abilities in the game.
Before I go on, I want you to know that I have never used Gideon, but I have played with people who use him to great effect so this is a second hand, first-hand opinion.
I don’t find stun that useful as a hero player so Disabling Shot is rarely used but cycling strain with an attack and using Bacta Pump or Emergency Injector means you can stay out of trouble, hold back and support the team which is exactly what Gideon is designed to do. Pair him up with someone like Mac Eshka’rey or even Loku Kanoloa if you have Return to Hoth and you are creating a devastating pairing.

Gideon Argus

Gideons start weapon is the hold out blaster, it’s a fairly weak weapon using one blue and one yellow dice but does have pierce 2 for a surge.
The thing about gear during a campaign is that credits are shared so convincing other players to let you spend much on Gideon is a losing battle. If you happen to be rather cash-rich then possibly picking up Admirals Uniform for 350 credits is a good choice. It will allow another player within 3 spaces to reroll any number of their dice. The problem is that it is a tier three-card and I can think of several cards off the top of my head that others will want to buy instead and you will allow it because they need it.

Gideon Argus won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and doesn’t suit my playstyle but I do find missions easier when he is on my side.

I would not want to give my opinion about builds as I don’t feel I would be able to give you good advice so instead I had a look online and spoke to people who like using Gideon and found a reasonable consensus about a build for Gideon.
As with all of the suggested builds I have proffered in this deep dive I think it is important for you to see that this is one of many suggestions of builds you could go with and experimenting is the key to putting a build together that suits your play style, the nature of the group you are playing with and the other heroes skills and abilities in your campaign.

The consensus was to go with Called Shot, Mobile Tactician, Masterstroke and when you can afford it Military Efficiency.

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