Tress Hacnua Imperial Assault

Tress Hacnua

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Tress Hacnua Imperial Assault

Tress Hacnua, the robot wrestler, looks great as a character but I don’t/haven’t played as her yet so these thoughts are not from personal experience and instead are what I have gleaned from a friend who only plays as Tress.

Tress Hacnua has a unique mechanic called style tokens that add a twist to her character in the game. She is only allowed to hold two tokens at any given time. Tress’s leg hydraulics ability boosts her movement and is free of cost but does consume the Focus.

Her Frynock Style does not fall off even when wounded. Her primary weapon is the Reinforced Cyberarm, which is not sellable, and players have the option of not bringing it on the mission if they wish to use a different weapon. Tress can use her style tokens for damage in any melee attack, not just with the Cyberarm.

The Aryx Variation is a good option for players who wish to gain and spend their tokens outside of making attacks. Mynock Strike costs only one token but is usually not the best option since players can utilize tokens for other purposes. Dianoga Sweep is an excellent source of cleave and can be used with Double Vibrosword-Weighted Head to form a deadly tactic. Gundark Throw is a good option for players who are struggling with their token management. However, it is important to check the state of the door before using this ability since opening doors is often a mission trigger.

The Acklay Counter can be a powerful move, especially for players who wish to call for assistance on their activation, since it will discourage the Imperial player from prioritizing the player as a target. Dragonsnake Variation is also a good option, and it does not care about range or line of sight. Krayt Dragon Fury is an excellent option and can be used to negate a dodge by spending a style token. Fluidity is also an excellent ability that expands the action economy of a Rebel hero.

Wholeness is a great bonus ability that is best used with Gundark Throw or when the player has acquired some method of becoming Focused. It provides a free movement of up to five spaces for healthy players and applies whenever the player tests their strength. Tress has no bad options, and all her abilities fit her character concept neatly.

Overall, Tress is an exciting character to play, and her unique style token mechanic adds an extra layer of strategy to the game.

Tress Hacnua Deck

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