Star Wars Imperial Assault Whole Collection

Star Wars Imperial Assault Complete Collection Storage

If you have come here looking for a Star Wars Imperial Assault Complete Collection Storage solution then I am afraid I am not going to help you. However, I would like to think we could potentially work together to solve the issue of how to not only store but how get this incredible game to the table.

Take a look at what we are working with.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Complete Collection on the table in one go
With four trays of tokens, a custom card box and an absurd number of Mini Figures, how can we get Imperial Assault to the table?

Now, remember that inside each box is a complete set of tiles that will cause you the biggest headache when storing and getting to the table. The biggest issue is that the solutions for getting the tiles to the table are awful unless you have the space to carefully store them.

I have tried to keep the tiles in pockets, I ordered the expensive ones from the USA because those are the ones someone on BGG suggested. I splashed out and bought the folder they used to hold them, only to find out that there is no way in hell to hold all the tiles in this single folder like that and when you store them they will fall out if the folder falls is stored the wrong way up or even falls forward.

So many minis
Won’t take too long to paint them all!

During play this solution is incredible, it works like any file system that lets you quickly flick to the page you need and extract the tile you want, however, once again, any fall, spill or knock and you lose tiles.

The mini Figures are also a problem, the best solution I currently have is to partially use the e-Raptor + expansion storage for painted minis that I reviewed some time ago with a custom solution for card storage. I also keep the unpainted mini’s in the Tyrants of Lothal box moving them to the e-Raptor storage once painted. How I will keep this going when I have run out of storage is anyone’s guess but it sort of works at the moment provided I know roughly what I will need for the next session. I wish there was a good solution that would let me get everything on or near the table including the tiles.

There is a solution, but it will take a company like Smonex, Laserox, TowerRex or The Broken Token to design a chest. A single storage chest that holds the map tiles in thin drawers, has a space to place all the large figures and room for all the miniatures. Separate token and dice trays that can be placed on the table and the Pièce de résistance, individual trays to hold the minis in place that have marked spaces for each figure. Slightly larger spaces for figures like Darth Vader that have a cape and a lightsabre so take up a little more space than similar sized minis.

There are lots of examples, of figures that have the same base and are single figure characters but do not quite fit into a standard space. For example, the Sand People have a longer profile and then there are the larger but not necessarily huge figures, the Wampas, E-Webb engineers and Nexu would benefit greatly from some extra space but also the Jump Jet troopers who are thin and tall.

Laserox makes a chest for Eldritch Horror that looks incredible and I think would make a great basis for an Imperial Assault storage solution. Sure I think it may need to be slightly taller and at €170 this solution certainly isn’t cheap, with more components it could be even more expensive, but what better way to store your complete collection, a collection that has already cost you, £1,016.65 at MSRP.

If you have spent time painting your miniatures and you value your time the MSRP should at least be tripled. I got a lot of my sets at a slight discount so paid approximately £850 for the entire set but even at this price, we are talking about a massive investment in a game that, if I don’t get the entire set to the table often, is as good as wasted.

I am still painting my collection during the limited time I get at weekends and I am moving through slowly but surely when playing I do tend to grab the painted figures over the non-painted ones, however, this means moving them from the storage to the table and back so when the insert is a little too small it means that you perpetually rub the same area of the mini and therefore, your painting is for nothing.

An insert that is designed to hold each miniature in a specific location, with each tray separated by expansion, with a place that would organise and hold the tiles, removable boxes for tokens and dice and a place to store the hero sheets, skirmish maps and rule books would be worth its weight in gold.

Here is a gallery with my entire collection on my dining table that is too small to play a lot of games on however, there is no way I have the space to get Imperial Assault on the table, with all minis, tiles, tokens and campaign guides easily available.

There are two companies I know of that say they offer a complete storage solution, one is Go7 Gaming and the other is Gothsonika. Neither has replied to emails so I cannot attest to their use for game nights but they certainly have storage to hold everything and I have to be honest and say that it’s pretty clear you would need to take every box with every insert to a game night to use them and knowing how heavy The Imperial Assault Complete Collection is before adding the weight of the inserts I would not be happy to wander far with them.



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