Jyn Odan Star Wars Imperial Assault

Jyn Odan

70 / 100
Jyn Odan Star Wars Imperial Assault

Jyn Odan is a Smuggler and is about as “Star Warsy” as a character can be without actually calling her Hannah Solo.

She is an expert with pistols and is a great choice for a party as she is a tech whiz. Finding the right build for her is not as simple as it may seem because the party make-up and the play style of others playing with you is as important as how you want to build her out.

Her starting weapon, the Vintage Blaster, is awful. You roll two Green which, whilst able to reliably deal damage, is going to be defended meaning you rarely do more than one or two damage to foes even if you surge for 1.

You will have to spend money on Jyn to make her effective, and before choosing her I would have agreement from the group that this is what you all intend to do. As soon as possible grab either the DL 44 or DH 17 these roll Yellow and Blue and Yellow and Green respectively and will up your damage output considerably.

Tie this up with Gunslinger and you can dual wield with either your Vintage blaster and one of the two pistols mentioned and that should see you good until you can get your hands on the sporting blaster at tier 3 which will give you 2 yellow dice and a green or you could go for the Disruptor Pistol which will give you Red Green.

I have to admit to not enjoying playing as Jyn. She was the first character I gravitated towards as she seemed so like the Han Solo character I always wanted to be and Han is obviously the best character in Star Wars.

The thing is, her starting pistol is so bad it makes sick come up in my mouth and my preferred playstyle, charge in and fight everything, just didn’t gel with her card set and abilities. Suffice to say I have had to take advice from others for a build but the two people I spoke with will argue to play as Jyn so they have used her a lot.

Both were pretty quick to say that you will need 10 XP and plenty of money for gear but if you go Quick As A Whip, Smuggler’s Luck, Cheap Shot, Get Cocky and Gunslinger you will have a solid build and be a useful, if not strictly invaluable, member of the team.

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