drokkatta Star Wars Imperial Assault Hero Character Sheet


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drokkatta Star Wars Imperial Assault Hero Character Sheet

Ahh, Drokkatta, the androgenous Wookie that has the internet in a flap over its gender. Well, it did on a couple of forums when I looked. Let’s clear a few Wookie facts up before we continue.

There are male and female Wookies. The males tend to be warriors and hunters, the females tend to look after the pups and Chewbacca is not a female.

Chewbacca is a male Wookie named after Bacca a famous warrior who once defeated a Tarentatek living on the forest floor of Kashyyyk. He apparently didn’t kill the beast but left the battle alive.

Chewbacca is also referred to as “him” several times during Star Wars IV A New Hope. Notably when they are playing the weird chess game on the Millenium Falcon also when Luke and Han take Chewbacca to the prison block before rescuing Leia. Taken directly from the script are these little gems.

“HAN (interrupting) “Let him have it. It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee.”

and the prison scene

Suddenly Chewbacca throws up his hands and lets out with one of his ear-piercing howls. He grabs Han’s laser rifle.

Han “Look out! He’s loose!

Luke “He’s going to pull us apart.

Han Go get him!

So Chewbacca is male but what about Drokkatta. Firstly Drokkatta is a warrior, which would make you assume he is a male, however, many people think that FFG, being specifically ambiguous on the matter would mean that Drokkatta is non-binary while others assert that Drokkatta is a female name so she is female.

I want to definitively say once and for all that I know for a fact, that Drokkatta is a Demolitions expert and will never be my favourite Wookie from Imperial Assault. His/Her Gender is made up so you can run that walking carpet however you want.

Drokkatta has decent health but unless you are playing against a fool then the area effect damage that Drokkatta can deal is kind of useless. Against the app, you will fair far better but without groups of enemies lumped together, the splash damage feels wasted.

However, Drokkatta doesn’t have to be played as an area effect character in fact I would go so far as to say that splash damage characters are next to useless against a human opponent so I am only going to suggest a single build for Drakkotta and I think you will see that there is an effective ranged fighter under the hood, particularly mid-campaign.

Think about this little move, exhaust Wookie Wrath, roll a red die and deal that damage to a character you are adjacent to, then push that character two spaces from you and then attack with the Repeater Cannon to open a whole can of whoop-ass on the enemy.

It gets better, if you have the Return to Hoth expansion and you add the Under-Barrel-HH4 (300 credits) to the Repeater Cannon, use your Demolish ability and exhaust Thermal Explosives you not only add a yellow dice to your attack pool but you potentially have enough damage available to destroy the death star!

My build for Drokkatta is based on using Drokkatta with the ML9 initially and switching up to the Repeater Cannon when you can.

Charging Up, Shrapnel Rounds, Repeater Cannon, Thermal Explosives. 10 XP and this build is sure to be a fun way to play.

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