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Junk Drawer

Channel your inner organizational skills and clean that messy junk drawer in this tile-laying polyomino board game

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Click the video below to learn How to Play in under 2 Minutes! 

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Junk Drawer Rulebook

Will and Sarah from Tantrum House Give a More In Depth Overview of Junk Drawer

Watch a live playthrough of Junk Drawer on Twitch that we did with the fabulous Beneeta Kuar (@Beneeta_K) and Amanda Panda (@Panda8ngel) to see how the game works in action!

Right now our main focus is on getting to our funding goal in order to make this game a reality.  We do have some stretch goals planned and will reveal them as we get close to funding!

Since 2020, the cost to ship games to the US has skyrocketed.  That is why we are choosing to charge the shipping costs closer to when we will actually be shipping the game, which will be in 2023.  To clarify, when the campaign ends, you will only be charged the pledged amount, with the remaining balance charged later.

To do our part, we will be subsidizing $4 per pledge in shipping costs for every region. 

The table below represents our current best estimate of what the costs will be for each region.  These costs are subject to change but we feel confident they are as accurate as possible right now.  We will keep backers well updated after the campaign ends. 

Click the quote below to read Eric Yurko’s (of What’s Eric Playing?) review of Junk Drawer, but more importantly, to see his beautiful photography of the game!

Jack from The Cardboard Herald gives you his thoughts on Junk Drawer

BJ from Board Game Gumbo writes about his thoughts on the game.  Click the picture below to read his blogpost!

Brody from Meeple Mountain showcases nearly all of the goals in the game in his preview of Junk Drawer.  Click the video for more!

Oscar Gonzalez runs a great board game review YouTube channel entirely in Spanish, check it out here!

Risks and challenges

This is our second game and second Kickstarter campaign. We purposefully started our publishing careers with a simple cards-only game in order to learn the process. This campaign builds on that experience. Similar to most board game projects, we are working closely with our manufacturer to bring you the best quality game possible. As I’m sure you’ve experienced over the last two years, there can be unforeseen delays in production and fulfillment schedules. However, we believe we’ve done a thorough job researching costs and timelines and we are working closely with the manufacturer, so we do not expect to run into major issues.

For all the details check this project out on Kickstarter