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Time Editors: A time travel themed board game

Save the past and control the use of time

In the year 2475 world nations race to save the past and control the use of time travel.

Search the galaxy for the rare element “Zolinium” to open wormholes in space and time!

Time editors the time travel board game

Send your agents to the past to change the time line, or keep them in the present to use their unique skills.

Time editors the time travel board game where you edit time to get what you want

Be the first nation to prevent 4 disasters in the past and become the official global task force of “Time Editors”!

Want a quick summary? Here’s a brief overview:

What others are saying…

Here is a “behind the scenes” look at some of the art process for Time Editors…

Aspen Leaf Games was founded in 2019 by game designer Jonathan Peters. We are family owned and operated. Our mission is to make high quality, entertaining games for board game lovers.

Our first Kickstarter Campaign in October of 2019 (to fund the artwork and miniatures for “Time Editors”) was a huge success. Thank you to all of our backers!

The art and miniatures are 100% complete and the files are ready to be sent to the manufacturer.  We are printing with Panda, so you can be assured that the game components will be high quality.

Here is the projected time line for production and shipping of “Time Editors”…

  • Design Verification and Pre-production: Apr-May 2021
  • Mass Production: Jun 2021 – Aug 2021
  • Final Assembly: Sept 2021
  • Overseas Shipping: Oct- Nov 2021
  • Estimated Ship Date: Dec 2021

We will be using Funagain Logistics to ship the game to backers.

Shipping will be charged after the campaign in the pledge manager and will be CUSTOMS FRIENDLY to the following countries.

(Note: These shipping costs are current estimates and are subject to change according to global shipping rates at the actual time of shipping. You will receive an e-mail from our pledge manager when it’s time to ship your game so that we can verify your address and collect shipping.

 (We cannot ship to Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan or Africa)