Superclub Storage Solution with poker chips and card storage protecting the cards and storing superclub the board game about football management

The Ultimate No1 Best Superclub Storage Solution, maybe.

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Superclub Storage? Yes, if you have bought Superclub you have, like me and others probably not stopped buying Superclub.

The additions you can buy for Superclub are just too tempting. Favourite team? Check, Favourite player? Check. New League? Check, Wildcards, Manager Kits, Powerhouses, this season’s club sides it seems to go on and so does my propensity to have it all.

OK, we play Superclub a lot, probably more than most people but that’s because my son is obsessed with football and so are his friends, which leads to many games happening each week so perhaps we have more Superclub than others, however, the others are board gamers so, you know, there’s an empty space on that shelf!

Superclub Storage is essential when you have this much Superclub.
Too much Superclub?

Superclub Storage thoughts

The first thing I thought about storing Superclub was to use the original box and put inserts inside of it however, if you have read my Superclub review then you know that I hate the money that comes with the base game.

This means we play with poker chips instead of paper money. I haven’t thrown the paper money away and could use it but I prefer to use the proxy which I wanted to store with the game. These chips are heavy and with the card, I wasn’t sure the game box was up to the task.

Superclub Storage Solution in a wooden box

Instead, I purchased the wooden box pictured above from Amazon for £19.99. I cut some graphics using my Cricut machine and despite losing a star from the logo I think it looks pretty good.

I wanted a storage box that was about the same size as the Superclub game box so it would fit on my game shelf and would be sturdy. I think that goal was achieved.

Building the Superclub Storage Solution

I started thinking about how to store the chips, when we play we use around 20 of each denomination of chips I have so I thought the best thing to do would be to store them in small trays which I would glue into the lid.

laser cut and glued poker chip holders as coins for Superclub

I can store six stacks of four chips meaning each row holds twenty-four of each denomination. As I have £500 chips stored in stacks of three in the top row this means we can easily accommodate six players and have never had an issue with available funds.

As you can see from the image above I have routed the sides of the box. This was to accommodate the game board and keep it flush with the lid. In practice, it’s secured with elastic but for some reason, I had not photographed it. Sufficed to say it keeps the chips from falling out whilst shuffling the box around the shelf or between houses for a game night.

Lid in box

I then thought about the cardboard tokens, paper money, season bonuses and wooden markers.

Tokens and money from Superclub

Nice and simple I thought, I would make a box with a lid to hold everything. Two compartments would be enough to separate things and I was happy.

Superclub token box

However, as you can see from the tokens in the image above, I didn’t stop buying Superclub even at this point. So I made another little tray to hold the additional tokens.

Cards next and as you can see from the image below, there are quite a number to keep safe and a key reason I wanted a strong and sturdy Superclub storage solution.

Superclub, just the cards I need to store

The most important thing to me was to store and protect the player cards. These cards needed to be stored so that they did not get damaged. Imagine a scouting trip and seeing a card with a specific nick or mark and knowing it’s a particular player. It would ruin fairness and the original box does a great job of protecting the cards.

Initially, this storage solution needed to house the Wild Cards and Powerhouses along with only one additional player and manager pack but very quickly I added the Top Six expansion, 5 more club packs the Liga expansion and four managers packs. I designed and redesigned the internals too many times so stopped but it means things don’t fit as well as they did.

The Powerhouses box fits quite nicely so to keep its dice and a few of the cards separate I am storing the whole thing as is box and all.

I then made a card tray to separate cards like Key Staff, Game Changers, Wild Cards and Developed Forwards, Midfielders, Defenders, Supercup Cards, Investments and more.

card holder with dividers for Superclub

This Superclub storage solution would allow me to keep the game organised and make set-up easier as I can grab the bundle of cards I need instead of separating part packs.

This is an aside and you can choose to believe me or not but the developed players from the packs are kept together and in separating them to take these pictures I cut every single club at the exact location of the separation between the clubs. I was quite impressed and annoyed that I was alone and not filming!

Moving on, I then made two small trays one for the La Liga expansion and one for the developed club players.

Player Card Tray Superclub

The player cards are stored in a longer tray of similar design and before some problems I will tell you about shortly these trays fit perfectly into the larger container.

I was feeling good about the design, so I replaced the dice with clear and heavy dice that just felt nicer to play with and I created a small open-top box to keep them in (pictured below) I recently agreed to review the Bundesliga expansion and there was a black Friday sale so I have more manager kits and club packs on the way. I want to share this solution with you because it will help some people but this is not the final design or final product, it will get there one day provided Superclub stops making things to buy or I buy a second storage box.

The following gallery has pictures of the Superclub Storage solution in full along with how I am currently packing the game into it but I will be back with a final version as soon as it’s finished. In the meantime let me know if you have a better Superclub storage solution that I can steal ideas from and when I am done I will share my Fusion files with you so you can find your local laser cutting company to create this for you.