The Curse of Candelabria

The Curse of Candelabria

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Not quite funded and looking for backers this game appears very interesting but I worry that it might suffer from a little Kickstarter bloat.

They are looking for £131,922. It does appear that this will be a high-quality product with things like linen-finished cards and at their top stretch goal they will include plastic inlay.

€89 for the Core game and the all-in package will set you back €229.


The Curse of Candelabria Kickstarter Campaign
what is candelabria

The Curse of Candelabria is a game set in a realm where humans have been turned into candles by a terrible curse (want to know more? Download the intro story). The kingdom is in chaos and each player will play a House who will have to defend themselves from the effects of the curse and defeat their enemies at the same time. The one who survives will break the curse and become the new king of Candelabria.

In The Curse of Candelabria each player plays a House of living candles with unique powers and abilities. He has a series of cards at his disposal that he can deploy on the field like candles or use them to maneuver his army and his wandering castle.

Candelabria is an area control game with strong interaction with the game map and other players. It is totally deterministic, there are no rolls of dice or cards disguised as dice, so what matters is the skill of the player who will have to make the most of the situations.

The match is divided into three years, which are in turn divided into seasons. During each game season players will have to deploy their candles and move them on the territories. Whenever a candle enters a territory, it places a candle on it and performs the territory’s action. The tealights and candles have flames on their heads which determine their fighting strength. Candles can lose or gain flames to trigger abilities. The more territories with the same symbols you conquer, the stronger the actions become. At the same time, however, conquering a territory could trigger conflicts in the region that contains it during the war season, so you need to consider which territories to activate and strategically arrange your forces.

The fight is managed by a series of tactic cards which can be countered by those of the opponents, and can determine different effects. During the game players will earn several victory points, whoever has the most victory points at the end will be the winner.

download the fairy tale
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the houses
how to play 1

During the Kindle Season spread your influence on the map by placing your Land Flames to make actions. The more territories with the same icon you control, the more powerful are your actions. But be careful, at the same time you have to fight more battles with your adversaries later during the War Season.

manage your flames

Collect resources from the map to create Candles. When you deploy a Candle, you will decide how many flames your Candle will have, affecting its resource cost, but also what abilities it has available. Candles have roles that make them powerful assets on the map. During the game you may extinguish your candle flames to in order to make more actions.

kindle your candles

The Wandering Castle is also your home and grants your House unique abilities. Evolve it by obtaining new passive abilities, manage the resources in your Warehouse, and give special skills to your Candles.

conquer the lands

During the War Season you have to fight other Houses to compete for regions. Placing temples and activating the correct tactic cards is the key to achieving victory.

fight the curse

Each Curse brings some effects on the map. You can use the curse effects on your enemies by earning the right to use the Curse miniatures and place them in the correct regions during conflicts.

download the rulebook

play on tabletop simulator

pledge base
pledge base 2
miniature comparison

You can include individual add-ons simply by adding the required amount while “Managing Your Pledge” with the button on the right sidebar. You will then indicate your specific choice of add-ons to us during the Pledge Manager after the end of the Kickstarter. It is not mandatory that you increase  your pledge now; it will still be possible to purchase add-ons using the Pledge Manager once it launches.

armies of Candelabria
6th player expansion
expansion photo 1
expansion photo 2
solo mode
neoprene mat

The neoprene mat is the best way to enjoy the map of Candelabria and avoid pieces sliding out of place. As we did for Sheol, we will produce high quality, printed mats, 3mm thick, with stitched edges to prevent the printing from peeling away over time.

art book

The Curse of Candelabria has beautifully illustrated cards, almost all of them unique, but you can’t fully enjoy a work of art in the small space of a single card, right? For this reason, we have decided to create an art book, collecting more than 80 full-page artworks. The art book is printed on high-quality paper in a deluxe hardcover.


These first 3 videos are on the NEW version of the game.

Please note that the following video previews were done on the previous version of the game, so they contain elements that were upgraded for the new version.