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Dragon Bone Gamer Set Kickstarter Highlight

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Enhance your board game experience with this beautiful Dragon Bone Gamer set.


After six months of intense trials, testing and adjustment, finally we are ready to present to you our latest creation – the Dragon Bone Gamer Set. With 15 items in 5 types of peripherals, this set supports every aspect of gaming needs.

Dragon Bone Gamer image in detail

 48 Hours Giveaway Event

Every Early Bird backer of the Dragon Bone Gamer set is automatically a participant in our Giveaway Event. We give away up to 12 copies of the games we published (one for every hundred Early Bird backers, free of shipping). Each lucky backer can choose either game:

Deja Vu: Fragments of Memory, a family game takes place in a space fable world, with a reinvented “Mancala Set Collection” system. Or

Fallen Angel, a highly strategic game in a steampunk fantasy setting, with an interesting “Dice Laddering” mechanism.

Your timely support gives us momentum to carry on!

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Emblem Chinese DRAGON BONE
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Dragon Bone Gamer Set

Dragon Gamer Set showing the detail on the wood
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Card sizes and types of the Gamer Set
Resource trays
Dragon Bone Gamer set
card holder in detail
Dragon bone image
inner structure of the Dragon Bone  dice tower
Beautiful dragon gamer set
Dragon Bone Gamer Set
How to store

Store the entire set away in a single cell of a Kallax shelf, potentially the best way to store board games in existence.


Shipping will be collected via our Pledge Manager after the Kickstarter concludes, based on the actual costs incurred to ship your particular pledge. Here is a list of rough shipping estimates (per 1 set, in USD):

  •  USA: $10–20
  •  EU: $15–25
  •  UK: $15–25
  •  Canada: $20–25
  •  Australia: $20–25
  •  Hong Kong: $5-10
  •  Taiwan: $15-20
  •  Japan: $15-20
  •  Rest of World: $20–35

For Continental US, EU, UK, Canada & Australia, sending two or more sets to one address can save approximate 40% on shipping.

VAT For EU an UK backers: After Brexit, fulfilment centres need some time to optimise their operation. Although we are searching for ways to deliver within the UK and EU to save your VAT. In the meantime please assume VAT to be collected in pledge manager (in your country’s rate) and prepaid by us, so that your Gamer Set can arrive at your doorstep smoothly.


Factory: We have real samples from a number of reliable factories. Once funded, the best one will be chosen.

Material: 3mm plywood – sturdy and durable.

Standard: we will make sure the gamer set meets international standards for sustainability, safety and health.


A Gamer Set consists of a number of wooden sheets. Just pop the parts out and start assembling. A pictorial manual will guide you through the process clean and simple.

The vast majority of the set are easy pop-in joints, only at certain crucial points (less than 10%) a little gluing is needed (by using the common Elmer’s glue).


We do not have plans for retail. For reference HK$730 is the MSRP (meaning on KS we’re doing 40% off right now). Importers or retailers are welcome to leave your contact to us at asteriagameshk@gmail.com for future cooperation.

The best caption ever to the question, what is this?

We like this Kickstarter. There are plenty of games that are complete table hogs, the options are to live with it or buy a solution for storage, each box storage has its own set of challenges so it would seem that single set of organisers for every game could be a great way to go. I hope it gets funded and if it does, look out for a review of how it stacks up against other organisation solutions.